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Identification of exhibitors

On the basis of what has already been presented regarding the aims of the Exhibition, it has been concluded that, to achieve them best, the exhibitors should necessarily have profiles compatible with the ones presented below:

Exhibitors' profiles

1. State authorities responsible for the money market (Ministries of National

Economy Finance. Commerce, Industry Research & Technology, Bank of Greece, etc.)

2. State organizations

3. E.E. (Athens Bureau)

4. European Bank of Investments

5. Greek Stock Exchange

6. Companies in the Stock Exchange

7. Brokers

8. Banks

9. Insurance companies

10. Investment consultants

11. Real estate agents

12. Merchants of art, antiques, precious stones, metals, coins, etc.

13. Mass media and specialized publications

14. Credit cards

15. Software houses for financial applications

16. Economic education organizations

17. Organizations of respective foreign exhibitions

18.  Organizations for the collection of information of financial nature

19. Companies seeking investors

20. Franchisors

21. Leasing firms

22. Time sharing companies

Participation of exhibitors

On the basis of the information presented so far, the participation of exhibitors is predicted to be massive. Below, we identify the most important arguments for the participation of exhibitors, as they stem from the analysis of the Exhibition characteristics:

a. The aims and purpose of the Exhibition.

b. The possibility to present products and services directly to an audience of specific interest.

c. The services provided by the Exhibition's organizers. Their premium participation cost can include (specifically for Royal Exhibitors or sponsors):

i. an exhibition space of high quality standards

ii. parking space

iii. free urban telephone calls with separate connections for each exhibitor

iv. free individual mini-bar for each exhibitor free coffees free dinners

v. continuous room cleaning services

vi. special prices in hotel rooms for guests

vii. free text page in the Exhibition Guide

viii. free transportation to the Exhibition and vice versa

ix. a special kit on public relations activities

x. special prices for secretarial services in the Exhibition

xi. special prices for public relations services

d. The attractive advertising and international promotion of the Exhibition and its outcome.

e. The good timing of the Exhibition, in view of the Unified European Financial Market...

f. The official guests/speakers, who will raise the prestige and practicality of the Exhibition.

g. The annual organization of the Exhibition that will provide the money market with a presentation forum.

h. The possibility to promote new products and services in the frame of group presentations, that will allow the exhibitors to invite prospective clients and present these services in a prestigious environment

i The possibility for contacts with competition.