The Money Show is a:

Objectives of the Money Show Conferences

- The promotion of all available financial products and services

- The promotion of the most significant investments

Design philosophy of the Money Show Conferences

The Money Show is more than a Convention; it is a Multi-Conference with specific audiences in all parallel events, fully controllable from the viewpoints of organisation, quality and size. The Conferences operate as catalysts for the discussion of collaboration agreements and, secondarily, as information disseminators for preselected audiences.
All categories of investors are covered by at least one respective event. The participation to the Conferences goes beyond the company profile promotion to the possibility for organised discussions and negotiations with every Conference organiser's most significant prospective customers. Our collaborators in every parallel event are selected from among the most significant trade associations or specialised media.

Purpose of the Money Show

Visitors: To obtain information and discuss collaboration agreements with the most significant representatives of the New Money Market or investors
Conference organisers: To present their services and discuss collaboration agreements in the private areas of every participant
Conference audience: To realise contacts and agreements and obtain specialised information
Sponsors: To communicate with audiences of the highest social and economic order.