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Purpose of the Exhibition

The money market in Greece.

Greece belongs to the group of developing countries and, for this reason, presents a significant time lag in comparison with the developed countries, especially in the sector of services related to the financial markets. These markets, in their broader sense, have only recently been making an obvious and demanding appearance in our country.

In its initial form, the money market in Greece (Banks, Stock Exchange) has been known, by its numbered products, solely to organizations of the manufacturing and services sector. The public had a perception of this market as being confined to Savings and Building Loans. The developments in the European Integration coupled with the increase in the demand for financing because of the cash flow problems in the investments and normal operation of the enterprises, have led to a more intense presence of the money market in Greece, through the creation or importation of new products and services.

In particular, during the last few years, a number of old or new products have been widely covered by the mass media, with the direct result of increased public awareness on subjects such as the Stock Exchange, the issue of public bonds, etc. At the same time, the introduction of new players in this market resulted, through the increased level of competition and the sales support expenses, in a wide promotion among prospective clients of an extensive range of "modern" financing methods (factoring, forfeiting, franchising, etc.). Finally, the coming deregulation of the money market, in view of the Common European Financial Market is expected to boost competition, with an increase in the range of available products and services, and in the number of suppliers in the market, directly resulting in the availability of wider options in the search both for capital and for investment opportunities.

Purpose of the Exhibition

The above summary presentation results in the following specific comments:

• the Greek money market is of a satisfactory size and growing, but is still lagging in comparison with the respective international market
• the interest of the public and the market organizations, for either financing or Investments, is increasing and should peak after 2010-11.
• the awareness of products and services offered by the Greek money market, is complete only among specialists, while the public is only informed of selected items, with the rest of them remaining unexploited.
• the public awareness of products and services offered by the Greek money market, is achieved by sporadic reports in the mass media and by specialized seminars organized by individual companies for each product or service separately.

This form of communication results in a void in the complete and global awareness of the Greek money market from the part of those interested at investing or obtaining financing.

On the basis of the above, the purpose of the Exhibition becomes obvious, as it plans to:

• provide the Greek money market with an opportunity to present globally all the products and services that can be offered to each individual client 

• provide the opportunity to present new products and services to clients of an immediate interest

• provide the opportunity of an extensive presentation of products and services in the appropriate surroundings, guarantying the confidentiality of discussions with each client
• provide the opportunity to interested clients for a briefing on specific subjects through the presentations that will take place by specialists, in the framework of the Exhibition and the Symposium
• present the participating exhibitors with an opportunity to meet the competition
• provide those interested with an opportunity to meet with professionals specializing in goods and services not directly related to the banking sector (brokers, venture capital, etc.)
• allow companies in the Stock Exchange to present their financial situation and future prospects in order to attract new investors
• provide the money market with an opportunity to publicize its existence, dynamism, and potential, through a, so far inexistent, specialized Exhibition
• present an opportunity for Greece and its institutional organizations to attract foreign capitals, through an Exhibition of international glamour, organized on the standards of the respective annual Exhibitions in other countries (London, Hong Kong, etc.)
The above indicative points provide a good measure of the purpose of the Exhibition and of its necessity, in view of the radical developments in the framework of the United European Financial Market, at the same time supporting the organizer's ambition to realize it annually.