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Identification of visitors

there are two groups of visitors:

Visitors of immediate interest, that include:

• exhibitors' executives,

• businessmen (industrialists, artisans, merchants)

• professionals (lawyers, economists, accountants, business consultants, agents, etc.)

• investors

• financial executives and

• students of business and finance.

Visitors of general interest, including

• the non-specialized public that is interested in being informed on the specifics of the money market.

Especially for the visitors in the second group (and partly for those in the first), appropriate controls will be applied at the Exhibition's entrance (and through the advertising campaign) so as to exclude non-interested individuals, while the relatively high entrance fees should allow for an additional assessment of the visitors' qualities

Attractions to visitors

With regard to the attractions the Exhibition offers to visitors, most of the arguments that applied for exhibitors are valid for them too. In addition to these, a number of specific attractions to visitors apply:

(a) "The possibility provided by the Exhibition for a comprehensive satisfaction of their financing needs (in either capacity -as investors or businessmen)

(b) The opportunity for a comprehensive and direct investigation of the money market.

(c) The opportunity for participation in the presentations and discussions, organized in the framework of the Exhibition with market specialists.

(d) The opportunity to be informed of all new financial products and services.

(e) Their participation to a lottery of significant prizes.

(f) The special advertising campaign aimed at them.

(g) The attractions of the services offered by the Exhibition.

The above, combined with the operation of the selection mechanisms that will operate indirectly as additional attractions to serious visitors, will ensure the massive presence of the public interested in the money market.