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The Guide of the Money Show Club / Money Lab aims at presenting the Money & Green market, the exhibitors and their products and services. Every exhibitor has the right to present in one page of text all products and services that he wishes to promote in the market. The Guide will therefore become a tool and point of reference for the specific market, even after the end of the Exhibition.

Apart from the presentation of the exhibitors, the Guide includes the main points of the Congressand the texts of the speeches of the most significant speakers.

The appearance of the Guide will be luxurious, with 90 gr. Velvet paper and hard cover. The layout of each exhibitor's page can be prepared in-house and be delivered to us on a monochrome film/final layout, or the text may be delivered to us for preparation of its layout.

The shape of the Guide is finished 21 X 28 cm., and the Guide will be distributed in 30,000 copies.

ADVERTISEMENTS (of exhibitors)

The advertisements in the Guide are page-long, in four, two, or one colour. There are also available 3 page-marker displaying one advertisement on each side.

Four-colour ads:                                            1.500

Two-colour ads:                                            1.350

Black & white ads:                                        1.000

Back cover: 5.000

Internal cover pages & first page:                2.000

Page-markers:                                              2.000 per side

The exhibitors have the obligation to produce their own advertisement films, that are not included in the above prices. The prices do not include VAT.

Date for the delivery of films: 10 October.