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Organization of the Exhibition

Exhibition facilities

The Exhibition will take place in Conference rooms and exhibition areas of the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki & Athens Hilton Hotel. This particular selection was dictated by the following factors:

• the protection of the prestige associated to the Exhibition and the money market

• the necessity for high quality services to the exhibitors the need to maintain a high level of confidentiality in the personal contacts between exhibitors and visitors, that could only be guaranteed by a closed meeting set

• the high level and financial power of both exhibitors and visitors the presence in the Exhibition of V.I.Ps and high ranking state officials the provision for the realization of special presentations by personalities of the sector.

Internal arrangements

The Exhibition will be internally arranged to comprise the following:

a) Reception area and Cashier: This area, properly arranged, will be located in the Exhibition entrance and operate as:

• information desk

• cashier for the reception of visitors

• selling point for the Exhibition Guide

• control desk for visitors

The area will be manned by expert personnel

The Exhibition area:

The main area of the Exhibition will cover the lower two floors of the Hotel with their expo-rooms and expo-stands serving as the exhibitors booths. There will be clear indicator of the start and end of the Exhibition that will guarantee a single direction flow of visitors, thus providing for their access to all exhibitors. Each room will carry an indication of the exhibitor's identification, but all such signs and messages will necessarily be arranged so as to respect the area and the Exhibition's prestige.

Finally, we stress the existence of a comprehensive package of facilities to the exhibitors (see below and in the attached documents), that ensure the uninhibited promotion of their goods and services.