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Aims of the Exhibition

The "Money Show" aims at exhibiting the financial products and services
available in the Greek market. More specifically, the following categories are

All sorts and forms of loans. Other cases of financing, leasing, guaranties, insurance, etc. capital investment methods. Consulting services available, directly related to the above financial products.

The exhibition of these products and services has two mutually supported aspects:

The opportunity for the exhibitors to present every one of their exceptional products to the visitors of the Exhibition, in surroundings well adjusted to the importance and prestige of their sector, through:

The organization of the Exhibition in an environment matching the expected level of contacts, specifically in Conference rooms and Ballrooms of the Athens Ηilton & Hyatt Regency Hotel, Securing all measures necessary for uninhibited discussions between
exhibitors and visitors, and for the arrival and circulation of visitors in the Exhibition facilities.

The open possibility for group presentations by the exhibitors of new financial
products and services, with the alternative aims of:

Either promoting integrated "package solutions' or breaking into new markets.

From the visitors' point of view, the display of the products and services covered by the
Exhibition, aims directly at:

The creation of an opportunity for every interested investor to obtain a global
idea of the current situation, developments, and trends in a market that is
expected to be greatly affected by the changes that will continue to occur on the
way to the United Europe.

Finally, in parallel to the main Exhibition activities, a number of side-activities, under the form
of a Symposium, will carry an important weight. This Symposium, under the main title "Greece and the new money market ", aims at:

The specific provision of information to the financial products and services market,
through presentations from Greek and foreign specialists, on the current situation and
visible trends in this fast-changing environment.